Transitional Services For 2020 Postponed

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This petition addresses the current circumstances revolving around students with autism transitioning to adult services as of June 30, 2020. While there are students who may be quite capable of transitioning to adult services, even given the current state that New York is in, please know that there are also many students who are no longer adequately prepared to transition. Yes, my son is one of them. My son turned 21 in December of this year and currently is a program to help him with his behavioral needs. Due to the pandemic, transitional services came to a halt, as did the loss of school structure, experienced staff, and a daily routine.  Now I fear that these months away from imperative services will incur substantial setbacks.While I know that my son has the potential to be a successful member of his community in his adulthood, I also, unfortunately know that he, along with so many others, may suffer the very opposite fate if they do not receive the services needed to bring them back to the level they were at before the pandemic occurred and proper transitional services.

I am asking people to sign this petition asking Governor Cuomo to continue educational services until the age of 22. This will serve as a substantial opportunity for my son and the special needs community, by allowing them to access the services they deserve and need.