Restore Caregiver/Individual Rights in hospitals, nursing homes, medical facilities

Restore Caregiver/Individual Rights in hospitals, nursing homes, medical facilities

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Renee Lynn Scott
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Since the start of the pandemic policymakers have mandated all hospitals, nursing homes, medical facilities and diagnostic facilities to place all patients on lockdown stripping them of their rights to guardians and caregivers.

Every single American has lost their right to have a family member by their side during this crisis.  Your children, parents, spouses, siblings and extended family members are ALONE (without family) & SCARED once they enter a healthcare facility. 

Caregivers and guardians are ESSENTIAL in ensuring that their loved ones receive the proper medical care and treatment they need, especially when they can’t speak for themselves. Thousands have been treated, thousands have died ALONE. FaceTime is NOT adequate and does not restore our rights.

Our RIGHTS have been taken away from us and we must demand our voices be heard.

We can follow the same safety procedures as other essential hospital and nursing home staff.  Custodial staff, dietary, administrative staff, to name a few, all enter the healthcare facilities using PPE and following safety procedures. CAREGIVERS and designated family members are more than capable of following the same safety procedures.

Our doctors and nurses have important work to do treating our sick loved ones and many facilities are overworked and understaffed - we, the family, should be able to alleviate some of their burden by helping our loved ones. Doctors and nurses shouldn’t have to hold an iPad for family members we should be there holding our children’s hands and comforting our parents through their illness.

NO PERSON SHOULD HAVE THEIR RIGHTS TAKEN AWAY BECAUSE THEY ARE SICK AND/OR ELDERLY.  We are asking our elected representatives to restore our rights to have a caregiver, guardian or designated family member inside all healthcare facilities at all times even during a medical crisis.

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