Reopen New York Wedding Venues

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As the fall season approaches, wedding venues and vendors, cannot afford to lose another season with no wedding business. With 12 million event industry workers currently unemployed, our government officials must recognize the need to reopen the wedding industry in compliance with government mandates currently in place for restaurants. Under current state guidelines, restaurants may serve diners up to 50% of their occupancy limit – in some cases amounting to several hundred people at once – but they are not allowed to host weddings over 50 people. Fundamentally, this is unfair and unjust. 

If you are a business owner in New York State, who operates in the wedding industry, you are impacted by the state’s current 50% occupancy limitations.

Reopen New York Wedding Venues supports bringing people back to work safely and reopening wedding venues who agree to adhere to the same rules and protocols for weddings that already are in place for restaurants. Upstate New York, Long Island, and Westchester all currently have indoor and outdoor dining options based on meeting the state’s reopening guidelines and observing indoor social distancing rules.

New York wedding venues would gladly follow all applicable rules that are already in place for indoor and outdoor dining and apply them to weddings for their couples, vendors, and staff. These rules include limiting the size of weddings to no more than 50% of the venue’s occupancy, appropriate social distancing, a ban on dancing, and the wearing of a protective face covering when not seated. Use this link to view our NY venues reopening guidelines 

With these rules in place, we can regulate weddings, which will thwart the further emergence of unregulated wedding gatherings, creating a safe, monitored environment for our staff and patrons, while also allowing for proper contact tracing.

We need a reopening plan now, we need to get our industry back to work and we need time for a proper transition with our staff, suppliers, vendors, and our couples. Sign our petition today to reach our elected officials, implore them to hear our case and help us get New York wedding venues reopened!

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