Remove Mitch McConnell from 12 2020 Electoral State Ballots and Enforce Gun Control

Remove Mitch McConnell from 12 2020 Electoral State Ballots and Enforce Gun Control

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Rights to Purity started this petition to Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and

Many cowards, Republican voters, businessmen, even Wall Street think Trump's going to win re-election in 2020 because of all the money people in Republican States have poured into his campaign. Most people know he's going to lose because he's let everyone down since 2018, the shutdown, illegally declaring a fraud national emergency, knowing Putin and Russia won't interfere again since we're onto them, cyber network defenses and Facebook being made to protect our electoral ballots, and the report confirming all his crimes yet to be released in court. But just in case he does win by legitimate votes or cheats by another Russian hack, we are going to have to plan a contingency that involves making sure his possible second term in office won't be any more dreadful than his current one right now.

While the senates from New Jersey and Washington state have taken Trump off their ballots for withholding tax reforms, we are going to focus on getting Mitch McConnell off 12 state ballots to make sure Chuck Schumer or whoever it is takes the seat as Senate Majority Leader so that Congress will have a chance to fight back easier.

Why McConnell? Because he's a man who is not just greedy but also completely heartless for the following reasons;

*He's the reason the shutdown Trump started in 2018 took so long for Congress to end and get the government reopened all because he favor's Trump's racist and sadistic border wall.

*Out of all the people that have died from mass shootings, environmental disasters, and all of those whose lives are currently at risk, McConnell has no empathy for anyone but himself and Trump.

*Just when everyone in the House and the Senate have all pledged their votes in having Mueller release the report on Trump immediately, he outrageously betrayed the majority by blocking the bill just to protect Trump.

*Now he's falsely closed the investigation on Trump's collusion with Russia

I mean, besides Trump, is this a man that anyone really wants for Senate Majority Leader? A man that not only lacks fathoming, but also doesn't care about others around the country, even if it's anyone that voted for him? A man this heartless? Certainly NOT!!

That's why we got to reach out to 12 of our state governors within the senates of those states to remove McConnell from those ballots for supporting corruption and obstruction of justice. Now, these are the 12 states that must remove McConnell from their ballots. States that he and Trump abandoned to oppression of mass shootings the most and are serious about Climate Change;

New York



New Jersey





New Mexico



And Mississippi

We must raise enough money to persuade the governors in each of these states to get McConnell off the ballot. Surely the majority of Democrats and Republicans in the House matter but would it really matter if either side has control of the Senate when McConnell betrayed the majority of everyone in both departments? Not really which is why he needs to be the only corrupt official that should be prohibited from this quarter number of ballots in the US.

This isn't a power grab and it's not about fighting what we hate. It's about saving the ones we love and our country so now we must act and make sure our country has a fighting chance for a brighter and more proper future. So please, help support this cause and we will make sure our government is free from those misguiding us and can gain an easier chance at making sure Trump doesn't go to far with his ambitions.

We must make things right and get each of the governors of these 12 states to get all guns in civilian hands confiscated. Even if it doesn't put an end to homicides, it will save more countless lives from ending up caught in crossfires. As for the lawmakers in the following Republican controlled states of America, they'll need more time to think things over if we expect them to cooperate on helping us fight against Trump's corruption of lunacy. 

If you do understand, please sign this petition, donate, and quickly share this with others who will stand up for the right cause and not give in to fear. This is America. It is meant to be the land of the free for refuges. Not a place for racists and greedy people. With your help on supporting this cause, we'll be one step closer to saving our nation from corruption.

Also if Mitch and Barr refuse to let Trump be impeached for his sins, they along with  anyone else supporting Trump for his corruption are to be taken off more state ballots to next years election if it means thinning out the scum that stand in the way of justice.

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