Protect Inmates And Correctional Facility Staff Against Covid

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My daughter is in Rikers Island her name is Tiffany Brown. She has a history of asthma and has been going back and forth to court for 2 years fighting her case. I have been in constant communication with her and helplessly listen to her struggles adapting to prison and trying to stay healthy. As we know Covid has found its way into the prison system. We need to work together and put aside how we feel about inmates. Not all inmates are guilty. Inmates have family and friends that love and support them. Battling Covid within the prison system is difficult. Inside Rikers inmates do not have access to hand sanitizer, hand towels, masks and access to a nurse is often a long wait. Social distancing does not exist.

Covid has no boundaries. It can affect anyone. African Americans and minorities are at high risk and make up most of the prison population. We have to stand together to support the correctional officers, inmates and other staff. We have to do what is necessary now to help stop the spread of Covid within the prison population before it spreads like wildfire.  

Please help join in the ongoing fight to bring Tiffany Brown home. We must work together as a team to protect DOC staff and all inmates.