Reopening NY Boutique Fitness Studios for Phase 3 & 4

Reopening NY Boutique Fitness Studios for Phase 3 & 4

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Better Body Bootcamp started this petition to Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and

Goal: To safely and lawfully reopen boutique fitness studios in Phase 3 & 4 of the New York Forward reopening plan.

We, Better Body Bootcamp, are joining the continuing discussion of safety of reopening gyms and fitness studios -- essentially instructor-led services and classes. First off, unlike large, commercial gyms, the boutiques and smaller fitness facilities have the ability to enact, institute, and ensure proper safety measures for our staff  and members. Currently, New York City is close to Phase 3 and Long Island is nearing Phase 4 of the New York Forward reopening program. We would like the approval of Governor Andrew Cuomo to reopen these environment-controlled boutique fitness facilities for Phase 3 (NYC) and Phase 4 (Long Island), respectively.

Of course, we understand the serious concern from our local and state governments that stems for the infection rate of COVID-19. There have been many guidelines on gatherings, occupancy, and cleanliness. Those rules and guidelines are in place for businesses to follow and enforce. And we believe that small gyms and fitness studios such as Better Body will thrive the best under these regulations. Owners and employees are one part of the equation; members and clients are another. Large, commercial gyms can reasonably expect their owners and employees to adhere to guidelines, but they cannot expect their clients to comply with equal due diligence. The vetted memberships of small gyms and studios produce members that are as invested in these gyms as much as their owners and employees and therefore just as accountable when it comes to facility stewardship.

Phase 3 is close to starting in New York City and Phase 4 is only days away in Long Island. Just take a look at some of the businesses that have reopened before the boutique fitness gyms and studios -- hair salons and barber shops for instance. In these businesses, human contact and proximity are not only unavoidable but imperative. More importantly,  the fitness industry generates more than $32 billion in revenue annually with the boutique fitness industry accounting for nearly 40 percent of that. All of this is in jeopardy now.

We IMPLORE you, Governor Cuomo, to reconsider small gyms and fitness studios as their own industry with regards to our two-fold contributions to local economies as illustrated above and the profoundly positive physical and mental impact on the communities we serve. 

We understand that if we are to open in Phase 3 or Phase 4 that we must do so in a limited capacity and with strict guidelines to keep our members and staff safe.

We propose the following:

  • Restricting the facilities to reservation-only access. Limiting occupancy to 50% capacity and then increasing as the phases progress. 
  • Allowing 15-minutes in-between classes for cleaning and disinfecting. And also avoiding classes overlapping.
  • Staff will regularly disinfect ALL stations, high-touch areas, and bathrooms using hospital-grade disinfectant cleaning supplies, according to CDC guidelines.
  • Adapting a one-person station layout -- which will include all equipment needed for class. This will restrict the classes to maintain a minimum of 6-feet in-between each station. 
  • Equipment will NOT be shared between members during the class.
  • Require all employees and encourage members to wear PPE when necessary -- such as in common areas. 
  • Opening front and back doors and windows to improve ventilation.
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At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!