Open Gyms in NY State at the start of Phase 4

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Gyms help keep people healthy. They keep the body from deteriorating as well as the mind sharp. They are the best preventative "medicine" we have! Gyms help prevent many of the diseases (obesity, diabetes, heart disease, etc) that make viruses and other infections more deadly and less easily fought off by the body's immune system. Our infection rates are extremely low and gym owners in NY State have had the opportunity to see what gyms in other states have done well and not so well since many have opened weeks, if not over a month, ago. Infection rates have not risen due to gym re-openings according to a search of various state websites and news outlet sites from across the country. Proactive and smart gym owners have spent weeks retrofitting their spaces and purchasing supplies for the start of phase 4 and we are now having the rug pulled out from under us. We have hired staff back from furlough, started advertising and have negotiated with landlords all based on the date of Phase 4 starting. This is all based on Governor Cuomo's instructions that gyms are recreation and recreation was phase 4, with 2 weeks between each phase, so long as infections rates stayed low and declined. We have met those requirements and demand to open in Phase 4!