MTA Search Team for Lost puppy on tracks

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8 month old Marley Monroe has been lost on the train tracks 5/23/2019. Unfortunately, she is not back home with us yet and time is of the essence she is only 8 months old! Although we remain hopeful there is little we can do without the help of the MTA. There have been similar situations where the animal was found alive in the past (workers traveled underground walking 1 mile and more!) and I am making a petition to have AS MANY MTA workers search the tracks of 34th street herald square tunnels, holes, stairways etc. Set up cameras, calling her name, squeak a toy, bring treats and if volunteers are needed after MTA hours please let us know we have a team to help too. Marley Monroe is family anyone can be delayed an hour or so if it means saving a life. Please we beg we need all workers WORKING Marley Monroe is NEEDED.