Mandate 14-day Quarantine to Stop Spread of Corona Virus!

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We must enact a mandatory 14-day quarantine for US residents. Let's lead the way in NY, then all Governors should get on board for all states. 14 days: everyone needs to stay home. This virus is getting out of hand. Imagine the overwhelmed hospitals we'd have if we keep letting this spread? Granted, money is a concern, but the state and federal government will figure it out. Unemployment, disability, paid family leave, paid sick days... we can work it out. Imagine your family member contracts the virus, you'll be taking days off to spend time with them in the hospital anyway. PUBLIC HEALTH 101: let's PREVENT this from spreading further. Prevention is KEY. Politicians are too scared to enact this because of the upcoming election this Fall, but if we don't quarantine everyone NOW,  we won't have an election in November. This is a #bipartisan issue. Sign here to have your voice heard. We need action NOW! What's the point of government if not to take charge of this NOW. 

The whole US should shut down for 14-days, full quarantine, except for certain essential services. Go big early. These half measures being enacted are just the smallest of band aids that will inevitably lead to a full shut down anyway. Let's do it now. To save lives and shorten the epidemic, our federal, state and local governments should act now with this plan.