To hold police officers accountable for their actions and to stop police brutality.

To hold police officers accountable for their actions and to stop police brutality.

June 1, 2020
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Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and 31 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by April Lynch

To anyone and everyone in power. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”-MLK. If we don’t stand up as a nation how can we expect to see changes in the world as a whole. We the people hunger and thirst for that change America.

“Make America great again” to truly do so you need to understand the people that are still being oppressed and acknowledge the fact that everyone is not being treated equally. Acknowledge the fact that there is racism, polluting the soil that our ancestors helped build. We the people, the black people, has had enough. We are constantly being hunted, targeted and killed by the police department and by people that are racist. When will it end! We fear for our life, our sons, fathers, husbands, uncles, cousins, our family, our friends and every melanin Queen and King. It’s scary to think that we might just be another hashtag; with no actual changes or justice to be served in our system. 

We are far from “THUGS” we are fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, teachers, philanthropist and the list is endless. But most of all we are human being. And should be treated as such. We’re not saying to purge people of their racism thoughts, everyone is obligated to have an opinion. But we’re asking you to purge them of their injustice actions with consequences. As in everyone no matter their race, status, title, or ethnicity, should be fairly charged and tried for wrong doings. 

There is no question about it, not everyone will understand what we the black people go through on a daily. But we are crying out, for your help! When you breathe that process is involuntary that oxygen is free. We can’t breathe as a whole, our free oxygen has been getting cut off for centuries; whether being hung, burnt alive, wrongfully convicted, being racial profiled, or killed while in custody of police officers. We can’t breathe because you won’t “allow” us to and no human has the right to dictate that. But in this case, you took our rights away from we the black people. You took away our rights as human being, to be treated equally. The point is we need all the police force, military and anyone in law enforcement to allow we the black people to involuntary breathe. 

Here’s how you can allow we the black people to breathe again.

1) We want the constitution and Amendments to be upheld across the board for all races. We are all frustrated with the constant police brutality. And that change starts with you!

2) All police officers and people in law enforcement, should be mentally evaluated after being in the force for the first 5 years because it changes people and their intentions to join might not be aligned with the law. As we have seen over the years we the black people have not been protected.

3) All people in law enforcement should take a black studies class and learn about our past so they can some what understand our present. This will create insight and understanding to the black community.

4) All police officers should be trained differently. To have a better approach towards we the black people. Instead of aiming to shoot and kill us. They should be taught how to take someone down without killing them or stopping their oxygen flow. 

5) Police officers or people in law enforcement should not have the right to put any bodily force onto a person, nor physically abuse the person especially if there is no resisting, and the person is in handcuffs. And should be written up if they do so and eventually lose their badge if it continues. 

6) Everyone before getting arrested should know what it is that they are being arrested for or pulled over for. I don’t believe because someone matches a description that they should be shot or even arrested. Take their photo ID, license plate number etc make an arrest when you get all the facts. If they don’t have those things in their possession then place them under arrest but explain why you’re doing so. If they are not guilty, they will more than likely to comply. This will create trust whether or not they are guilty, at least they know they will be able to breathe (stay alive). 

7) Police officers and people in law enforcement should not draw weapons at an unarmed person especially if they are not resisting. And if they are armed don’t aim to kill. You should be trained in knowing what areas of the body you can shoot but not be detrimental to the person. We understand that your life matters too and you want to be prepared but why pull the trigger to kill. 

8) All cops, military and anyone in law enforcement should be charged for all crimes they commit fairly. They are not above the law nor the constitution! And should be treated as a regular human being without special treatment. A crime is a crime, so do the time. 

9) Stop shooting first and ask questions later. 

I’m sure there is more that can be done or added to this list but this is just the beginning and should be seriously considered. For we the black people want to feel safe in our homes, we need to know our children will return from the store alive, we need to know that we are not going to be pulled over and shot and killed in front of our children and love ones, we need to know that we can wear a hoody because we’re having a bad hair day or simply not wanting to be seen, we need to know that you understand that I might look like the suspect but I don’t have to be the culprit, we need to know that it’s safe to go jogging, we need to know it’s safe to rent an apartment in a predominantly white building without getting killed, we need to know that we won’t be shot for having a mental disability, we need to know that we won’t be shot for exercising our rights of freedom of speech and expression, we need to know that if we’re in your custody we won’t be killed.

We’re humans just like everyone else we have feelings and this is hurting us. We are now at your mercy, again. Believe us when we say, we can’t breathe! Both metaphorically and physically. When will you let us breathe? The air is free for everyone including we the black people. But, I can’t breathe. 

“A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything”- Malcolm X . So which are you? Please sign and share  this petition so we the black people can be heard. 

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Signatures: 3,502Next Goal: 5,000
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