Discontinuance of non safety related traffic stops

Discontinuance of non safety related traffic stops

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Truly Liberated Women started this petition to Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and

It is important to shift the paradigm of those of law enforcement agencies that believe citizens, especially minorities have to be monitored and watched like herded animals.  This mode of policing is ineffective and erodes the already weakened level of trust between law enforcement and communities of color.  This petition is to irradiate the mechanisms by which this type of policing operates.  Arrest data surrounding the use of excessive force resulting in death and major injury suggests that about 90% of the initial engagement was due to a minor traffic violation or offense.  It appears that the Modus Operandi of rogue cops is to used as a reason for the temporary detaining of innocent persons often resulting in very severe injury to the detainee. In cases where the citizen is either killed in custody or severely injured, it rarely leads to law enforcement being indicted nor convicted.  This is largely due to the fact that the prosecution in a criminal cases does not have to prove modus operandi in any crime.  We believe that it is an unspoken form of harassment and funding of police activities and such minor infractions can be served via mail, or the department of motor vehicles.  Listed below are the infractions that should no longer be a reason for a traffic stop or temporary detainment of a citizen.  Please see items below:

  • Broken Tail Light
  • Broken Head Light
  • Broken Brake Light
  • Lack of Turning Signal
  • Rolling Stop Sign
  • Expired Tag
  • Illegal Lane  Change
  • Suspended Registration
  • Suspicion 
  • Lack of vendor/street permit
  • Accusation of committing crime without an APB dictating the specific details of suspect and location

While I fully understand that the aforementioned items are used to curb safety, there is a preponderance of evidence that proves the enforcement of the aforementioned items has not mitigated any major crimes or curtailed violence.  The enforcement of the aforementioned infractions could be managed and duties distributed among other city and state departments.  Late payments or non-compliance could result in fines, mailed tickets and written warnings.  The object of this petition is to help police focus on fighting real crimes.  Freeing up time and resources that can be better utilized in support of other agents and officers, conducting thorough investigations of events surrounding crimes of personal injury like rape(ensuring that rape kits are processed and investigated within 72 hours), domestic violence, terroristic threats, illegal drug sales and severe or irreparable property damage.  This would also require that law enforcement officers would have to rely on skilled investigative techniques insuring a thorough and accurate accounting of closed investigations.

As woman's advocate against domestic violence, I fully understand the need for law enforcement.  Many of the women we have advocated for lives were saved by law enforcement officers who stood between them and the abuser. I believe this measure go far in restoring order, trust between law enforcement and all communities of color.



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