Update New York's approved recreational activities to include doubles volleyball

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Chenoa Ludwig
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In an effort to improve many New Yorkers'  physical and mental health during this trying time, when staying active and reducing stress is critical, we strongly encourage immediate changes to the list of permitted recreational activities to include at least doubles volleyball (4 people per net with only 2 people on each side). 

We are confident that we can maintain a safe environment by establishing guidelines of no more than 4 players per net, and encouraging social distancing on and off the court.  Since doubles volleyball is a non-contact sport, the only contact that would be made would be via a ball. In addition, balls can be wiped down and sanitized regularly, hand sanitizer would be readily available for use, and courts/nets would be kept at a reasonable, but significant distance from each other to prevent gatherings.     

Volleyball, both beach and grass, is a significant part of New York's, and specifically Long Island's, outdoor experience each year, not only for players but for spectators who enjoy the entertainment it provides. It is a key to many people's health, both physical and mental, and we urge you to include at least doubles volleyball in the list of approved recreational activities in New York effective immediately.