Cancel SUNY Geneseo Classes on January 30th and 31st for Unsafe Weather Conditions

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A polar vortex is making progress across the United States bringing "life-threatening cold" weather to many areas, including New York State. Blizzard conditions are causing many public schools in Western New York have already cancelled for the next two days due to conditions considered unsafe for students. Many students in college especially have to walk to classes, and at SUNY Geneseo many people have no means to drive to class and have a 10+ minute walk to campus. This is very dangerous in the conditions highlighted by local meterologists, where the temperatures being near 0F compounded with high winds lead to a wind chill of -20F. Exposure to these temperatures for prolonged periods of time result in frostbite. Syracuse University has started a petition like this* and with the headway it has made I figured Geneseo should give it a shot.