Cancel NYS Regents Exams Due to Poor Education During COVID-19

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Due to the mostly remote learning since March of 2020 students all over New York have struggled to actually learn during this pandemic. Speaking from personal experience and living through these crazy times I can say that I haven’t been able to grasp the information as I did as when we were in school full-time.

Many students in my school have felt stressed by the content of the work and amount we are receiving. Upperclassmen are also faced with the added stress of having to take and study for the SAT exam. Also, after consulting with my peers many feel they would not score as well as if they had been in school for the amount of time that we have been out.

In addition, these exams aren’t tested by the nation as a whole so I feel this test is not a necessity due to our current circumstances. This is a time that no one has ever lived through before and had to adjust to as students.

If you read this petition and consider my proposal of canceling the NYS Regents Exams for the 2020-2021 school year it would be greatly appreciated by not only me but as a whole all my peers across the entire state of New York. Thank you for your time!