Allow NY Malls to Open Food Court Seating

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Petition to Reopen Food Court Seating Across New York State


Pursuant to New York State regulations, while shopping centers across New York State have been allowed to re-open, Food Court seating inside shopping centers have been ordered to remain closed. With no place to sit, many of our usual customers are not patronizing our counters. Those that do end up sitting on the floor, eating while walking, and/or using other surfaces to eat what they bought.


There’s really no need for this to be the case. 


The mall seating areas could be operated at reduced capacity (50%) just like other cafes and restaurants in our area and in the mall. In fact, the air quality at our food court is probably safer than most other food establishments since the mall’s HVAC filters were upgraded to meet the State’s new standards.


Please sign and share this petition to help our voice be heard for the State to treat us fairly. Our business, the jobs we create and local economies we support are in jeopardy.