Allow Drivers Ed to be completed online in New York

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Many kids/young adults have been impacted by not being able to get their license due to COVID-19 shutting down all driver education in-class sessions. In New York, students that have completed 75% or more of the driver education class are allowed to finish online, but many students/schools are not at that mark. Our only option at this point is to wait for future sessions and try to get in which is hard to achieve in many highly populated areas. This is even harder for students that are going away to college in the fall or students that were relying on getting their license to drive to work over the summer. Sign the petition to help convince Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the State Education Department, and the Department of Motor Vehicles to change the law to allow students that have started driver education to finish it and get their license online as many other states have done.


I started driver education in February and was about  60% of the way done with the class when COVID-19 shut everything down. I was heavily relying on getting my license to get to work in the summer (a few towns over from where I live) on my own because my parents both work and are not always available to drive me everyday. The law now states that students 75% done with the class can finish online, but the students with less than 75% have to wait until class reopens (which may not happen for a while) and in my case I would not be finishing until fall. If we can convince Gov. Cuomo, SED, and DMV to allow students to finish the class online no matter the completion percentage, I would be able to get my license on time and drive myself to work for the summer.