Make it illegal to use a mobile phone when cycling

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Everyone understands that cyclists are at risk from motorists because they are not as easily seen as motor cars or even motorbikes.

Drivers of motor vehicles will be fined £200 and given 6 points on their driving licence for using a mobile phone whilst driving.

The law in my honest opinion is that the law for motor vehicles needs to be expanded to cyclists too.

I have seen an ever increasing use of mobile phones by cyclists on a daily basis. Cyclists cannot possibly see where they are going whilst texting and by being so close to the kerb are at a great risk of hitting the kerb or a pothole and being thrown into the road or under the path of a travelling car.

If a cyclists is using a mobile phone they will only be holding the handlebars of the bike with one hand this giving them less control of the bike.

I feel that although "points" as in on a driving licence could not be given as no licence is required to ride a push bike, a fixed penalty may be enough of a deterrent to save at least 1 cyclists life and also save the mental guilt  that may be suffered be a driver that may kill them by falling off the bike whilst not being in control of it