Stop the hate messenger and the false accusations against Islam and Muslims

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Spreading hate based on personal feeling had nothing to do with the freedom of speeches.

Ghada Melek an Egyptian immigrant who came to this heaven we call Canada, instead of spreading the love and the acceptance for others she spread hate and false info against her fellow Canadian who doesn't share her belief based on some experience she had on her country of origin. 

Hate speeches against any religious group must be stopped regardless if they are Muslims, Jews or Christians...... 

Personally, I am a Muslim who I believe in the conservative party and I support their views and their principles but watching people like Mrs. Melek causing harm to us  Canadian especially the conservative Canadian it is not acceptable in any way.

We can't afford people like her to be in such a sensitive place, or a decision-maker position, since she failed to pinpoint the problem and what is the reason why she and I left our countries and sought refugee and immigrated to this haven, simply because there was no safety neither security or stability in our homeland, and this condition applies on every individual regardless of their faith or race.

Islam has nothing to do with what kind of challenges and oppression most people are facing in the middle east and these third world countries, the ruthless regimes and the corruption and the dictatorship mentalities are the main reason for people like us disregard what is their faith or race is to run away.

I urge everyone to help me and to ask Mr. Andrew Scheer the one I respect is to put a stop for Mrs. Melek and whoever like her.

Canada for Canadian disregard their faith race or colours, if any Muslim or Christian or Jews want to force his belief or his view over others must be stopped. 

If any Arab person wants to free Palestine from Downtown Ottawa, or any citizen wants to put his/her original country interest or benefit before Canada and the Canadian people interest must be stopped.

No matters from which political party you are or who do you support? we need to maintain the beauty of Canada of being the land of hope for those who lost hope, We need to unite and manage to accept each other, we can't afford to accept the infected mentality to rule us and create chaos among our country, our cities and our communities. 

Ghada Melek is not fit to represent us Canadian especially the conservative Canadian.