The working class is suffering, remove Zoso from Spanish Town

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Since the implementation of Zone Of Special Operations (ZOSO) within Spanish Town, the working class has experienced significant traffic delays, increased expenditure on gas and a decreased quality of life as they are unable to live normal lives as a result of what is considered greater than an inconvenience. Persons wake up as early as 4 am and do not get home until 8pm daily which has decreased their productivity, impacted time spent with loved ones and caused significant daily mental anguish, among other emotional effects. A report titled “Experts say congestion could be harmful to health and productivity" was published in the Jamaica Observer on May 21, 2018 by General practitioner and medical officer in cardiothoracic surgery, Dr Julio Leachman. The article stated that medical and safety experts are concerned about the deleterious effect the congestion in Kingston combined with the effects of the ZOSO could have on health and productivity. This article by medical experts highlights the plight of the blameless citizen who is now suffering more than the criminals. Crime intervention strategies are needed however the Government needs to be reminded that it must not hold citizens ransom for months as ZOSO has since it's implementation in Spanish Town. Anything less than a revision of this crime policy is unacceptable.