Backing The Blue: Columbus Police Department

Backing The Blue: Columbus Police Department

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In our beautiful city, Columbus, Ohio the City Council has been holding meetings to take away money and authority from The Columbus Division of Police, who happen to be among the top Police Departments in the entire country. What is even more remarkable is that these hearings are taking place against the backdrop of a downtown that has been besieged by violent protest, despite being labelled as “peaceful” by both the Mayor, City Council and the Media.  The Columbus Division of Police have been prohibited from being able to speak for themselves, and all communication must now go through the Mayor’s office.

Furthermore, according to Code 2917.02 Aggravated Riot – many of the 'Protesters' have violated their right to “peaceful assembly” and should not have been allowed to continue their actions. The Police were not allowed to follow the law, they were told by our Mayor Andrew Ginther to "Stand down". 

Seeing our Police force being treated with hatred and vilified by these so called 'Peaceful Protestors' and not being backed by our elected officials is down right mind blowing!

To appease the protestor’s Columbus City Council is now trying to lower the penalty for assaulting a police officer to a simple misdemeanor. Meanwhile, our officers have been injured while on duty because they are no longer allowed to protect themselves against the lawlessness that has been allowed to run the streets of downtown Columbus and has even trickled into outlying area suburbs.    

Who would ever want to be a police officer with the Political climate we are currently experiencing here in Columbus? What would that mean for you and me? The future protection of all of our communities? For our children to feel safe?  Having seen firsthand the destruction of downtown Columbus, it is frightening to imagine what could possibly happen to the rest of our city if this lawlessness is allowed free reign.

Like all big cities, the City of Columbus has gangs, drug dealers, thieves, looters, domestic abuse, child abuse and a whole host of criminal activities for which Police Officers are required to attend to.  If policing is taken out of the equation, whole communities will be lost. 

WE need the Police more now than ever.  And in order to do their jobs, they need the right tools.  One of the main tools that City Council and some members of the community would like to take away from the Police are helicopters, because in their words,  they make them feel like they are in a military zone. But surely, just like someone who lives next to railroad tracks, this noise is not as all pervasive and harmful as it is made out to be.  In reality, seeing the helicopter circling with its beacon light, sure brings reassurance to all our communities, that the “bad guys’ will be caught. We should also take pride in the fact that because of our fleet we are in a position to assist surrounding jurisdictions.

City Council wants our Officers to have less resources yet do a better job.  However, at every City Council Meeting, there are at least 3 officers on duty for protection, and our Mayor has his own protection detail.  Are we not entitled to equal protection under the law? 

It is time to tell the City Council to Back OUR OFFICERS . NOT the protesters who have gotten away with destroying our beautiful city. 

Our voices as the silent majority need to be heard as loudly and as many times as these protesters.

Please sign today! Time is running out to keep our Police Officers. 

PROTECT The BLUE like they protect all of us in our communities.

God Bless the U.S.A.


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0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!