SOS - Save Our Services

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Please only sign this petition if you haven't already signed any recent petitions on this topic, signatories must be aged 16 years or older. 

Once again our local birth centre is threatened with permanent closure, with an expanding town we need to retain important local services such as this one so that pre and post natal care remains accessible for all expectant mothers across our borough.

We have heard so many stories that a much more personal service is received by those that use St Mary's, you feel like a person there rather than a number at the bigger hospital maternity units! yet expectant mothers are pushed to use the LRI or QMC not our local birthing unit and they wonder why our birth centre has such low usage.

Do we really want to be in a situation like we are now with King Edwards VII school? closed in 2011 as apparently there wasn't enough pupils, now we have Long Field and John Ferneley at maximum capacity!

Please sign this petition before we lose another vital service that will be needed years down the line.

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Petition organised by Cllrs Fisher, Pearson and Smedley, Glynn Cartwright (Melton Matters).