Reforest Ireland

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Dear ministers,

We, the signed below, ask you to read this and act on our request. 

It has been made clear to combat climate change we need trees, native trees. There is currently a scheme in place to incentivise farmers to grow trees on their land but it's insufficient in comparison to the income they earn through agriculture.

We cannot argue about funding in this area when all of our futures depend on it succeeding

Ireland's Native forests were robbed from us and never recovered. Just 2% of Ireland land mass is made up of native trees. Invasive, aggressive trees that do not support Irish wildlife or biodiversity have taken their place because they are held as easier to manage and more profitable.

We need our native trees for clean air, flood control, biodiversity, soil fertility, water purification, our physical and mental health. The vital role they play cannot be overstated or overlooked.

The current scheme is not planting the trees our ecosystem needs, Ireland does not need more spruce and other invasive species it needs native broafleaf trees to do the jobs mentioned above.

We know animal agriculture is not sustainable yet our government is still subsidising this industry which we know we cannot bring with us into a sustainable Ireland.

We need to stop providing these subsidies to animal production and transfer them to reforesting. More and more people are choosing to leave meat off their plate and want their government to act in the favour of supporting a plant based diet and a carbon neutral Ireland.

We need our leaders to be strong and bring us into a sustainable future.


The Citizens of Ireland