VOID the petition attempting to commute Dawn Nguyen

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As you all are well aware of Dawn Nguyen’s participation in the West Webster incident 12-24-12.  The day that William Spengler ambushed firefighters. Wounding 2 firefighters and killing 1 firefighter & 1 firefighter/police officer. After killing a family member and burning down multiple homes.  Her mother is trying to get her conviction overturned, and this is unacceptable. Whether she was aware or not of what extent her participation was in events leading up to that day. She purchased a rifle for the convicted felon Spengler.  Her actions could have been avoided if she just used common sense. If her sentence is commuted, this government is sending a message that it will just shrug their shoulders, to actions that lead to murder. President Trump, do not even consider commuting her sentence. I was there that day. I witnessed and put my hands on my brothers. To either pull their bodies away from the scene, or treat and keep alive. Do not make the wrong decision.