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To stop the the DA from prosecuting my son for a crime he didn't commit.

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My son Rayshawn Singleton won an Appeal to have his case tried fairly. However, they refuse to allow my son the opportunity to have that day in court. They continue to use trickery to try to scare him into taking a plea. He has been excluded by DNA and fingerprint analysis. Rayshawn's co defendant took a plea 5 yrs ago admitting he was guilty of the crime.  He also told the DA that the other people in the car including my son, had no knowledge of the crime. But that didn't stop this over zealous DA from  going after my son using lies and images that had nothing to do with the case.  The same lies that were told during trial that got the case overturned on appeal,  were the same lies told to get the Grand Jury to indict my son. The cop lied under oath throughout the entire case. I'm asking for your help to stop Prosecutorial Misconduct from continuing. They want him to take a plea for a felony, when he it was told by the higher COURT to give him a new trial. Which we know won't be fair, just by the tactics they have already been displaying. Please sign this petition to have this case dismissed. I need the help from my  friends and family. This is the only way I can fight back. I thank you and know that together we can stop them from forcing him into a plea. 

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