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Support Mental Health in the School System

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One in ten young people have a serious mental health condition that impairs their quality of life. Mental health has become such a taboo subject because the person struggling is often associated as being a problem. In school, when a student is visibly struggling, the teacher or faculty is often at a loss for what to do and how they can help. By implementing a mandatory mental health education course for both students and staff, this would allow teachers and students the necessary tools to best address and support whoever is suffering.

In adolescents, over half of their mental health issues go untreated which perpetuates the cycle of dropping out of school, homelessness, poverty, and suicide. Many students go untreated due to the lack of education of those around them. If a student shows severe signs of distress and the teacher does not have the knowledge to recognize that they are struggling with mental illness, that child will most likely go without help and their condition will deteriorate. If New York State had a mandatory mental health curriculum, these situations could be avoided and more students would get the help they so desperately need.

As a student in high school, I can assure you that many students are in fact struggling with mental illness and often times their schools are unequipped to support them in the ways that they need. I have been fortunate enough to have outside resources that have helped me cope with my own struggles, but I want those same resources to be accessible to any or all that are going through mental illness. Signing this petition is not only putting your name on something that matters, it is giving my generation the tools they need to succeed. Please take the time to sign my petition and convince our New York governor that this is a worthwhile cause.

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