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No more broken promises from our politicians or the AC&C (Animal Care & Control)!  At the last Board meeting of the AC&C on June 19, 2014, it was stated that "no kill" changes would come by 2015. 2015 is too long to wait while animals are still being murdered everyday.  The homeless animals of NYC don't have that kind of time, and neither do the taxpayers who are supporting your daily slaughters. Your secrets are out AC&C and we will not stop until you are shut down!  

Speaking for all the voiceless, homeless animals already in AC&C's posession and those whose fate will bring them to the slaughterhouses, we need those changes NOW.  In 1996, The Village Voice named NYC's "animal shelters" as the cruelest in the country.  Eighteen years later and it's only gotten to a point where it's out of control. Every night the AC&C puts out a "kill list" for the dogs and cats that will die the next day.  Hundreds are being inhumanely slaughtered every week. SHAME ON NEW YORK!

We want NO KILL shelters in our city - NOW.

Please sign and share this petition with everyone.  Anyone from any state or country can sign and participate in helping us show our city that murdering innocent animals is not acceptable!  We need 30,000+ signatures in order to proceed further.  Please join us by signing and sharing to help fight for the voiceless animals!    


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New York City Animal Care and Control has increasingly come under the spotlight across the USA and internationally as an example of one of the worst kill shelters. On a daily basis, it slaughters healthy, adoptable dogs and cats unmercifully. It operates in large part to "control" the homeless animal population in the city. In spite of extensive lobbying by animal advocates, little, if anything has changed, in terms of the numbers of highly adoptable cats and dogs killed every day. Shelter conditions are deplorable and unsanitary and healthy dogs and cats are getting ill inside these shelters which New York City ignores and then uses as an excuse for murder.

New York City citizens and taxpayers were promised 2 new shelters for the Bronx and Queens way back in 2011. These new shelters were fully funded and mandated by Local Law 59, which provides that New York City must have animal shelters in all 5 boroughs. New York City was "ordered by court" to build these animal shelters that NYC citizens paid for. Currently, these shelters are a public health hazard of a ongoing epidemic where animals entering these shelters become ill because of inadequate sanitary procedures and conditions; this is used as an excuse to kill 20%-30% of them to empty cages. Without the 2 new shelters, the no-kill promise for 2015 can never happen. If the shelters don't get built, and spaying/neutering isn't enforced, more animals will be killed unmercifully. NYC taxpayers are financing murder in these shelters therefore we demand the 2 new shelters that were paid for to be built in the Queens and Bronx and for the "unmerciful killings" without sedation to stop and for New York City to be declared "no-kill." TIME IS NOW!!

The euthanasia rate is unacceptable; it appears that KILLING is an easier option than ADOPTION. It is never morally justifiable to kill a healthy animal. ACC is not only killing hundreds of animals per month, (close to 8,500 young and day old healthy, adoptable dogs and cats every year) but seems to be in a rush to kill for expedience and to do whatever it can to frustrate the efforts of rescue groups and committed people, and others to save animals. These poor animals come in alive through one door and dead out the other. There are sick and injured animals that are killed instead of being vetted. It is next to impossible to adopt or rescue an animal from there. ACC places a terrible burden on rescue groups, forcing them to engage in a daily frantic rush to save whatever animals they can before HIGH NOON.

Anyone visiting the Facebook pages can see these Death Row animals: and

It is time for New York City to bring about a progressive no-kill shelter situation. This can be achieved if a cohesion amongst ALL New Yorkers to make it happen. ACC needs a Director and staff with foresight, vision, heart, and compassion for saving each precious life.

In this year, the voters of New York, fellow US citizens and animal advocates across the globe urge you to address the continuing failures of NYC ACC; to have the vision to work with the rescues, programs and volunteers already working tirelessly to save the companion animals of the City and pledge to implement and deliver a program working towards No Kill. New York City could and should be a shining example of No Kill – the means exist to achieve this. Failure to do so condemns the City to remain a shameful example of an uncaring society with lack of compassion. The No Kill movement is sweeping the country, it "IS" the 21st century and gains momentum every day. Those lobbying and supporting the moves for change will not remain silent or give up the fight for the voiceless in our societies.

“If every animal shelter in the United States embraced the No Kill philosophy and the programs and services that make it possible, we would save nearly four million dogs and cats who are scheduled to die in shelters this year, and the year after that. It is not an impossible dream.” The No Kill Advocacy Center was founded in 2004 by Nathan Winograd.

Click here for more info. about "No Kill Equation" -

Here’s how we can make NYC a model "No Kill city" to reduce the numbers of animals coming into the system we must inplement these Quality System Basics:

A) A Director with vision and compassion to move towards No Kill

B) Remove control of ACC from the DOH and make it illegal for shelters to kill animals if qualified rescue groups are willing to save them

C) Clear employee policies for handling animals, including penalties for on compliance; transparency in operations by requiring shelters to make their statistics public - assessment guidelines should be revised to include 'behavioral issues' conducted by licensed animal behaviorists

D) Changes to surrender policy - full engagement with pet retention programs - require pounds to post strays, including photographs and descriptions, on the Internet so their families can search for them online

E) Development and promotion of a comprehensive foster program to bring more shelter animals into people’s homes

F) Work with volunteers to promote adoption events and allow more time for New Hope rescues to network animals

G) Overhaul infection control procedures at ACC to prevent the transmission of common diseases (cheap antibiotics treat most of the simple diseases which ACC uses as an excuse to kill) can be achieved by administering the proper immunization vaccines upon intake of animals

H) Volunteers to answer phones and assist with public adoptions and facilitate out of state adoptions

I) End restrictions on pets in housing, starting with Public Housing and seniors; this will enable more animals to keep and find homes.

J) Teach humane education, in all our schools; it’s already mandated by state law. Children need to learn compassion, responsible pet stewardship and the need for a lifetime commitment to the pets in their homes.

"How will things change unless we make waves? How will we end the killing? How will we stop the abuse unless we expose it?" - Nathan J. Winograd

"They too, are created by the same loving hand of God which Created us - it is our duty to Protect Them and to promote their well-being.” Pope John Paul II

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