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United Monroe's Emily Convers, John Allegro, County Executive Steve Neuhaus and 18 of the 21 Orange County NY Legislators have already voted YES!

All to gain a piece of the KJ bloc vote.

IT'S OFFICIAL! Our legislators  believe that the orange county tax payers can support Palm Tree and you will. The vote is "YES, YOU CAN! It's time to tell them "NO, WE CAN'T"

The county vote was to allow the Town of Monroe NY vote to split their town and allowing the "All Hasidic Village" of Kiryas Joel to become legal "TOWN" of Orange County NY called Palm Tree. This town would be on the same level with the same powers as the Town of Monroe, Chester, Warwick, Goshen, etc...  Think about that next time you pay county sales tax at the cash register. 

This new Hasidic Only town will be the first of its kind ever in the United States. Our country's constitution prohibits government restrictions of religion. It also restricts religious based government. It looks like that's about to change  thanks to Steve Neuhaus  and the Orange County Legislators. 

This town violates the wall between church and state and is deemed unconstitutional. This town must be stopped before we are forced to amend the constitution to allow for restricted towns by race color and religion across the country.

The founding fathers are gone and we are the keepers of this constitution. Say NO to Palm Tree and any other religious or race based town governments within the United States of America. One group should not get preferential treatment or bend the rules of the U.S. constitution based on religion or bloc vote abilities. It's not what the founding fathers had in mind.

Our government was set up to allow us to practice the religion of our choice. It was NOT set up for religion to govern us without a choice.

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