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Stop taking Constitutional Rights away from the American People

The Constitution of the United States of America is what makes our nation great and protects the citizens from an unjust, overbearing government. If not held accountable, big government could enslave an entire nation, transforming us into another desolate third world country. We will vote against any official(local, state or federal) that ignores, restricts or otherwise hampers the Constitution in such a manner that would endanger the rights and freedoms of the American people.

Here are a couple of examples of how your rights are under attack. According to the NRA, Illinois is the only state that does not have a right to carry law and will not issue a permit. CA, MA, CT, NJ ,MD, DE, AL, NY also infringe upon the 2nd Amendment as they have restricted firearm laws and may or may not issue a permit. Indiana Supreme Court ruled against the 4th Amendment during 2011 in a 3-2 vote. Making Indiana a "Police State". President Obama signed the bill that takes away your right to a speedy and fair trial with the NDAA...virtually shredding the 6th Amendment

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) monitors all social media to identify "dissent"  among the people. This goes hand in hand with the recent SOPA/PIPA . Just look at how government officials have been trying to deny the "Occupy Wall Street" movement by attempting to deny the people the right to assembly and free obvious 1st Amendment attack. And let's not forget how the Hurricane Katrina survivors were locked down and were unable to leave the sports arena while martial law was imposed on them.

Currently, President Obama and Hilary Clinton have been working hand in hand with the UN to try and ratify the UN Small Arms Treaty. This so-called "treaty" is said to try and hamper the trade of weapons in and out of foreign countries to stop wars in unstable countries. But what it will do, if you read the proposal, is put EVERY American at risk and give tyrant governments access to AMERICAN gun owners data!! The treaty goes on to say what firearms AND ammunition that the government would ALLOW for civilian use...IN AMERICA! If you have followed this project by now you already know that the Obama administration wants to outlaw almost every firearm larger than .22 caliber and ALL handguns...leaving U.S. citizens at the mercy of an already out of control administration. Even if you are not a supporter of firearms rights, one thing is attack on just 1 an attack on all. This is the exact reason why our founding fathers drafted the US Consitution and the Bill of protect the freedom of future generations of Americans.

Stand up, sign the petition and tell our government where your position is on your rights. Don't let silence be consent to losing your rights. I will also forward this petition to your state Governor if you wish to identify the state you are from when you support this petition. Also, here is a link that allows you to choose a state and send an email.


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