Stop Raping Our Children Twice

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Right now The United States Senate has an opportunity in their hands at this very moment to make right the wrongs of Child Victimization in New York. Through New York's Child Victims Act Bill S809 we can give the survivors and the victims of child sexual abuse vindication of the horrors they experienced at such a tender age.  We must show support for those who have suffered and not let one more child molester get away with harming our most precious resource, our children!

The Bill has been circulating in Washington for 12 years now. Last year it finally was passed in the Assembly 136-7. This is a clear indication of the validity of Bill S809.  So why hasn't the Senate passed Bill S809? Governor Cuomo has put money aside in the budget for it for Fiscal Year starting April 2018. So what is the hold up? Could it be that the Catholic Church and Boys Club of America have something to do with it? After all, they are lobbying hard in Washington against this bill. 

Now won’t you also join us in bringing our voice, and being that voice for the voiceless victims and survivors. Please sign this petition and help us in alerting US Senators and Governor Cuomo. We mean business!

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