Servers against wage increase

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A majority of servers in NY state stand to take a pay cut if Cuomo has his way. He is trying to DOUBLE the minimum wage for tipped employees and eliminate tipping. Perhaps at first glance that might seem enticing to double one's wages. As a server of 18 years I can promise it will not benefit me and could potentially shut down most small businesses. Perhaps a billion dollar company could afford that,  but the mom and pop shop with real,  fresh homemade ingredients?  They're already struggling and still dealing the last increase that we fought against. They won't survive this,  and if they do you certainly won't have a server grating fresh cheese or pepper on each dish. They won't have time because they will have a section double or triple the size and your quality of service will suffer. Assuming the doors stay open and we aren't replaced by computers and food runners, how is the proprietor of a small business going to give a raise to anyone in the back with such a huge spike in the coat of operating? This is a job I am passionate about, I love giving parents a nice night out,  or celebrating a regulars fiftieth anniversary.  Eating out and having someone take care of you the way I do is a treat and this will take that away from you. Fine dining will be wiped out and small business everywhere will suffer. Please come together and help save the industry I love so much!  

This bill will also take away your choice. The food cost will have to rose roughly 20% to make up for the raise,  meaning if you get terrible service you're paying the same as when you get fabulous service. That will definitely effect a servers incentive to give good service. The difference is your choice as a patron is gone. 

To put it out there for the sake of saving arguments,  I know other countries don't always tip. It's a hundred year old American tradition to rely on tips,  and it's something that makes us a little different. It's a system that works well for us. 

If your concern lies with the fact that servers don't pay taxes,  please know that's not true and there are laws in place to make sure I claim my cash,  and credit cards tips are claimed already.   Last year my paychecks averaged with me paying taxes on 24$ an hour. This belief is very very outdated. Everything is kept track of and if the boss doesn't feel you're claiming enough,  he will cover his bottom and confront you.  Most restaurants keep track of your sales for the week and check that against what you claimed. Keeps us honest!  

Maybe you are worried pay isn't even among restaurant employees,  which is true at every place of employment. The job varies as does the skill and education required to do so, therefore the pay varies. Not all servers,  but many put money in the tip jar that goes to the kitchen staff. And we do it happily. 

If your solution is to get an education to get a better job the I would like to highlight that most servers have a degree and I can't even get into the over saturation of useless degrees in this country,  of which I have two. I'm educated. 

The bottom line is that I will not be able to support and feed my family with this pay cut. I am not alone. I just need all of your support!  Sign and share please! 

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