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Scientology Is Gay Conversion Therapy For Kids & We Can’t Do Anything About It Please Sign

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The Church of Scientology plans to wipe out homosexual behavior from the planet. This is not an exaggeration.

Global cleansing of, in fact, all non-hetero sexuality is a mere byproduct of Scientology's major long term goal: For everyone on Earth to reach the designated spiritual state of “Clear” through its pseudoscientific memory therapy, “Auditing”. One of the non-negotiable characteristics of a “Clear” is heterosexual behavior.

Thankfully, politicians are working to prevent licensed mental health practitioners from practicing conversion therapy. Unthankfully (also, thankfully) The Church of Scientology is neither licensed nor a mental health practitioner.


"The Hubbard Chart of Human Evaluation" and "Tone Scale" are Scientology's unalterable basis for assessing human behavior, and rigidly classify any non-hetero sexualities as products of human aberration, rather than valid traits. If you listen to Nora Crest's powerful, personal story in her video, "Why You Can't Be Gay In Scientology", she thoroughly explains how Scientology's brand of inextricable homophobia functions.

Rather than accept sexual identity as a naturally diverse aspect of human life, Scientology's "Tone Scale" and "Hubbard Chart of Human Evaluation" rigidly define all non-hetero sexuality as things that simply go away as your spiritual state improves through.  The Church of Scientology makes no room for debate about homosexuality. It is Church policy to treat all Scientology principles as unalterable technical data.

Personal Stories:

Nora’s Crest’s story illustrates Scientology's extremely damaging disciplinary actions towards being openly gay within the church, and took place within the Sea Org, one of Scientology's most fundamentalist orders.

My experience is much less dramatic, but emphasizes how internalizing "The Hubbard Chart of Human Evaluation" or "Tone Scale" can hurt childhood development. 

I got involved in Scientology with my dad at the age of ten. By twelve or thirteen I would spend hours pouring over “The Hubbard Chart of Human Evaluation”.

My middle and high school was an intellectual, liberal, LGBTQ and LGBTQ positive environment. Scientology, however, uses indoctrination practices which I was not equipped to recognize or counter as a kid. Rigorously digesting the pseudoscientific paradigm of "The Tone Scale" erased the concept that I could be anything other than "straight". 

"The Hubbard Chart of Human Evaluation" was printed in my copy of “The Volunteer Ministers Handbook” course, and is published in other books like “Self-Analysis” and “Dianetics”, available at Barnes & Noble and other major retailers.

I did not need to be immersed, or even receive auditing, to internalize the Church of Scientology’s rigid erasure of sexuality. Children are not equipped to counter a Scientology Course Room's uniform indoctrination practices and portrayal of its materials as exact, ultimate science.

At the end of college, a couple years after my stint as a part time staff member, I drifted out of Scientology indefinitely. 

In my late twenties, I had been dating men without recognizing that I lacked attraction for men, until I consciously experienced what attraction felt like, when I fell in love with a woman. Becoming reacquainted with my intuition has been a truly great and growth inducing experience. 

Love can be powerful enough to navigate out of cognitive dissonance. Not everyone is lucky enough to find an exit or have support for the journey.

Scientology and Dianetics auditing is synonymous with “gay conversion therapy”, and should be legally treated as such. Except, it already is, because being a highly organized totalitarian institution with religious tax-status makes practicing gay conversion therapy difficult to identify or regulate.

When you hear or read about Scientology’s mission to “Clear the Planet”, remember: Scientology indoctrinates children and adults using the same methods, and Going Clear = Going Straight.

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