Reverse The Parole Decision for Herman Bell!

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In 1971, two young fathers, Patrolmen Waverly Jones (left) and Joseph Piagentini (right) (pictured above), were lured to a Harlem housing project with a fake 911 call for help. The patrolmen believed they were responding to a call for domestic disturbance when they were ambushed by three members of the Black Liberation Army, a radical faction of the Black Panther Party, that indiscriminately sought out to terrorize police officers regardless of their race.

Patrolman Waverly was shot in the back of the head and died instantly. Patrolman Piagentini was shot 12 times while begging for his life as Herman Bell mercilessly finished killing him with his own gun, shooting him a total of 22 times.


Herman Bell was just granted parole by the New York Board of Parole with a vote of 2 out of 3 in his favor. This was an extremely wrong decision and we are asking State of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to reverse this decision and keep Bell in prison where he belongs for taking the lives of two innocent men, in a brutal, methodical way.

The emotional scars of the victims' families are deep. Each time this ruthless killer is up for parole it reopens the wounds and causes an indescribable pain and suffering. Bell and his accomplices tore apart families and left a void that can never be filled while he lived comfortably in the prison system, gaining new talents and a Masters degree, all while claiming to be a "political prisoner" until 2012. For nearly 40 years he would not even admit to his crimes, much less show remorse, and we are to believe that he suddenly had a change of heart in the past few years? This man does not deserve freedom! He not only killed these two cops in NY, but was also convicted of a third murder in California. 

If he is paroled, this is the first time in history that a person who murdered three police officers will be let out on parole. THIS SETS A DANGEROUS PRECEDENT!

This not only sends a message that radical, violent crimes can be walked away from without spending your entire life in prison, but that the victims' families are powerless when the system allows a person to commit such heinous crimes and society has yet one more known dangerous person among them who associates with like-minded radical terrorists who hate the U.S. and will say anything to get out into society.

Please sign this petition and tell Governor Andrew Cuomo that Herman Bell should NOT be free! Take a stance against savage gun violence, and let it be known that there are consequences for murder and destroying the lives of innocent families! 

Visit our website at: Justice Not Served - No Parole for Cop Killer Herman Bell

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