Compel NY State to protect the ENDANGERED Bog Turtle in Orange County

In Southeastern NY State, the NYS-Listed "Endangered" Bog Turtle is disappearing due to habitat loss.
NY State has specific protections in place to protect this species, however, the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation ( NYSDEC) has repeatedly refused to protect confirmed Bog Turtle habitat and has repeatedly allowed such habitat to be destroyed without explanation.

During this past Summer, alone, an entire population was drained and paved over despite the NYSDEC having collected Bog Turtles at the site as recently as 2013
State officials refuse to respond to queries and complaints regarding this and other similar dereliction of duty.

The NY State Department of Environmental Conservation's region 3 offices need to be directed to restore confirmed Bog Turtle habitat recently destroyed in Chester, NY.

The regional DEC staffers who have repeatedly ignored their duties to protect this habitat need to be appropriately counseled and/or removed from their positions before we lose all of our state's Bog Turtle populations.

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