Petition to free Gregory Ellis

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My name is Gregory Ellis.  When I was 24 years old, I was convicted of murder and sentenced to 25 years to life. Many years have passed since then and I am fortunate to say I have grown and developed into a man that I am now proud of.  During my lengthy incarceration I was able to obtain my high school equivalency and also participated in many programs volunteered by the facilities. Not only did I accomplish rehabilitating my life, I am also taking part in rehabilitating others as well. Once successfully completing the A.R.T Program (which stands for Aggression Replacement Training) I became a program facilitator and am now teaching and guiding people with new ways to manage their anger and cope with their aggression. Another program that i enjoyed participating in and positively influenced my life was the A.V. P Program which stands for Alternative Violence Program. This program is a program to help develop the ability to employ skills that bring about a peaceful resolution to conflict.  Through all, I have shaped a better view of life and now have a better foundation to rebuild my life from.  Second chances are not granted to everyone, and some may not appreciate and utilize their second chances for the better but I am confident in my ability to be a positive example. Please support me in getting my second chance by signing this petition.


Below are a list of programs, employment achievements and rehabilitation history certificates:

1. High School equivalency                                              

2. Building maintenance                                           

3. Custodial maintenance                                                         

4. Phase 1, 2                                                                

5. AVP I II III                                                             

6. A.R.T                                                                   

7. IPA Training                                                          

8. ASAT 

9. Facilitator of A.R.T

10. Exodus

11. Public Speaking

12. Industries Food Service

13. Laundry Operator

14. Law I & II

15. Domestic violence course

16. P.A.C.E Aids

17. Housing and Budgeting

18. Plumbers Helper

19. Assessment of Destructive Behavior Course

20. Fundamentals of communication