Pass Casey's Law in NYS: An Involuntary Treatment Act For Those Who Suffer From Addiction

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  • Addiction is a progressive, life-threatening disease and the “bottom” for many is death.
  • The Matthew Casey Wethington Act for Substance Abuse Intervention is named for Matthew Casey Wethington, who died in 2002 from a heroin overdose at the age of 23.
  • The act provides a means of intervening with someone who is unable to recognize his or her need for treatment due to their impairment. This law will allow parents, relatives and/or friends to petition the court for treatment on behalf of the substance abuse-impaired person.
  • Denial and distorted thinking impedes a person’s ability to make a rational decision. The best hope of survival for a person who is substance abuse impaired is intervention. Studies show that involuntary treatment can be just as successful as voluntary treatment.

Addiction does not discriminate.