Nursing home abuse of my mother and retaliation against me for complaints

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My mother was admitted to Nursing home diagnosed with Dimentia. This is a picture of me and her outside the nursing home. I am her only Daughter. The court appointed her guardianship to Legal services for the elderly.  I was emotionally distraught when approached and bombarded to allow lega services for the elderly to be her guardian and help me and her to ensure she will not loose financial assistance to pay as we could not.I was told by lawyers appointed by the surrogate court under article 81 that i needed them to help me with the legal matters i had no knowledge of. I was her caregiver for many years prior before she was admitted. I began to see decline in her quality of health and started to complain and demand a change and answers. Eventually i was banned from visiting her and even calling her she is on a locked unit on the facility.  I was also her healthcare proxy for many years. There was never a charge of abuse aginst me regarding her or any other elderly. I was taking her out to church every sunday for months engaginf her with family activities reading with her and doing everything that aided in not allowing her cognitive skills to rapidly decline as was suggested by medical journals worldwide. I went to court and regained access to her. Four times unfortunately the process with that takes months just to get a court date and the lawyers kept finding a reason to mother had unexplained bruises her belongings missing being left unattended in the bathroom. And much more events that the staff would respond to me ... They dont have to answer to me because i was not her guardian. I am my mothers only advocate. And i dont even know if she is alive. And the nursing home has no obligation to call me if she is hurt or injured there is a high case risk of physical and sexual abuse to her and i am afraid for her life and well being because she cant speak for herself. This system has effected my mother ,myself and im sure other elderly and their families. My mother and i were taken advatage of during a family tragedy as to guving up our rights. The system that was desidned to protect the disadvantaged and their families is now abuse and neglecting the people involved. My mother fought many years in her community against social injustices and called for the repair and restoration of family and community units.  Only the governor can change this situation and interverne. Change the laws under article 81 make sure it ia being enforced by  judges. Because it is not. And hold people accountable for abuse of the disadvantaged and their families and clearly displays  misuse of medicaid funds and our tax dollars. We need to come together and force our governor and state senators to call for action and not allow our citizens to continue to be abused in this manner. Our civil rights have been violated. Freedom of speech. Her right to have family to speak for her.this behavior is clearly un just illegal and not warranted. There is no compassion or concern shown by people who claim to fight injustice everyday through their employment.