New York Needs Stronger Child Support Enforcement

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Dear Honorable Andrew Cuomo,
I am a 54 years old single mother and I have a child support order registered in New York City where the father of my child, Anwar Najjar currently lives. It has been over a year since the city of New York has ordered a judgement in my favor but Anwar Najjar( the father of my child ) refuses to comply with the order. Mr. Anwar Najjar owes me over 56,000.00 (Fifty six thousand dollars) in child support arrears and refuses to obey the child support order or pay the money judgement order the city of New York made in my favor on June 30, 2017 (Docket number U-19068-12/17 CSMS NX41291N1) even thought he admitted in court on 06/28/18 that he received an inheritance from his late father and hid it  it under his siblings' names. The court ordered him to pay me 20,000.00 but he ignored the order and the amount of money he owes me keeps increasing. His wife, Taghrid Merhi, files fraudulent taxes as head of the household, even though she is a housewife, so the IRS can not take the money he owes me from his income taxes. He works under the table, makes a good living and lives in a nice house in Elmont , NY valued at $450,000.00
I am 54 years old, and if something happens to me there is no one to take care of my son, since his father, Anwar Najjar does not want to be part of our son's life. God knows I just want that money to provide for my son's future. I am willing to have that money deposited in an educational account for my son.
Please Mr. Cuomo, help me and other single mothers like me, whose father refuses to pay child support.
Magalie Vineyard