End Plastic Bag Use in NYC Delis

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New York City alone generates 14 million tons of waste each year. 14% of that waste is plastic. With this statistic, 1960000 tons of plastic is wasted in New York City each year. The question one must as themselves is, where does that plastic go? If plastic is not recycled many things could happen. If one does not recycle, the plastic could end up in a landfill. The majority of plastic does not biodegrade, so the bottles sit in landfills indefinitely. This contributes to the production of methane. Methane is responsible for the greenhouse effect, which is linked to global warming. One's unrecycled plastic could also end up in the ocean. The abundance of plastic in the ocean has contributed to the sickness or death of many ocean creatures. Many species will confuse the plastic as prey or food causing them to eat it. Small ocean life can get stuck in the cap rings of plastic water bottles or in plastic six-pack holders. A lot of the time the exact fish that are consuming the plastic, our ending up on our plate. Ultimately, we are absorbing plastic chemicals as well.

It is obvious that plastic waste is a pressing issue, so what can we do about it. We have decided to attack the root of the problem. There are over 20000 delis in NYC. Most of these Delis use plastic bags. We believe that if we try and get our local grocers to switch from plastic bags to brown paper bags, it could cut the percentage of plastic waste. After speaking to over 100 deli owners, we were further informed that it is actually more costly to use plastic bags than brown paper bags. Not only is it a cheaper solution, but it is better for the environment. By signing this petition you can help make New York City a better home to all of us. 

By signing this petition you can help make New York City a better home to all of us. It is important that we take care of our home, so that future generations can enjoy the same privileges we do. Cleaning up New York will not benefit a sole group of people, but the world. By enforcing this petition we hope to create a ripple effect that inspires everyone to make a difference. 


Celia Babini

Brando Babini