Make NYS Driver's licensing safe in a pandemic: waive Road Tests & safen 5hr courses

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Since the pandemic began and NYS shuttered its DMVs and driving schools in March, thousands of New York teenagers and adults have been unable to get their driver's licenses.  To get a driver's license in New York, it is necessary to complete a mandatory five-hour pre-licensing course.  This must be done in person, yet for months driving schools have been closed and unable to administer the course.  Please allow an online administration of this course as well, make it safe for teenagers to learn the safe tips to drive without putting their safety at risk.  The State Legislature has even passed an authoirzaiton for a trial program, but this only startes June 30.  Another month and a half after the two months so far, is an undue delay for teenagers to take on this such necessary priveldge.  For an online administration, there is already a hours long defensive driving course covering much the same content, please accept this.  Or, if this is impossible, please allow the five-hour course to be conducted by driving schools over Zoom or another online program, allowing digital payment and mailing the ceriticate to the student.  

Furthermore, The administration of a road test itself poses a danger to test taker and administrator alike, placing people well within 6 feet of each other, requiring PPE that could be used by health professionals and essential workers.  By waiving the road test reqirement, as Georgia and Wisconsin have, this would allow the teenagers of New York to gain the important privelidge to drive, to be able to be able to conduct their lives, even in the times of social distancing.  Georgia has processed over 20,000 applications online, Wisconsin hopes to process 10,000.  If New York implements a waiver, too, as Governor Cuomo has the authority to do so, this would allow tens of thousands of New Yorkers to meet their transportation needs while maintaing social distancing, not needing to use public transportation.  As with any DJ/MJ license, the parent has the final consent, and this can be implemented online with a parent's certificaion of driving hours completion and ability, and an upload of a pre-licensing course certificate.  Please consider these changes to allow the teenagers and adults of New York to get their driver's license.  They have already passed vision and written exams, and many have held their permits for way over six months with more than the 50 hours of practice driving hours.  Please allow these responsible and proven young drivers to drive.  Please help the teenagers and adults of New York get back to our lives.