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Legalization of Recreational Marijuana in NYS

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Legalizing recreational marijuana is the sole purpose of this petition. Although it has many benefits, it's only legalized medically for a select few diseases and disorders. I know I wouldn't have my father today if it weren't for marijuana. He had two brain tumors removed after a grand mal seizure. After two years of chemo and radiation, he is himself again and I am forever grateful for that. We have the first step towards full legalization already down (medical is legal.) but I need YOUR help if you're willing! 

If you've been keeping up with the news and such you would know that heroin is becoming an epidemic in NYS and in other states as well. Amongst other drugs, heroin is one of the leading causes of overdosed deaths. Just 8 overdoses this past weekend happened in Erie County alone. I have lost a few loved ones myself due to drugs, although not specifically heroin. I believe, if recreational marijuana were to be legalized, then the drug usage our state (and other states) are going through would have a significant decrease. Because there would be a safer alternative, I also think it would help the addicts out of their addiction (given, they WANT the help). I have heard many success stories of people getting off meth and crack with the help of medical marijuana. Our society has marijuana tabooed for multiple reasons and if you search the internet you'll find a multitude of those reasons waiting to be read.  

A few quick facts: 

1. You CANNOT get physically addicted to marijuana. It's physically impossible. Now it can become mentally addicting as ANYTHING can become mentally addictive. 

2. You CANNOT overdose and die from using marijuana. You just can't. It's impossible. Not ONE person has ever died from it. 

3. Many people believe that the "tar" or "resin" is like the "tar" in cigarettes which is simply not true. The tar that forms on your lungs from smoking cigarettes hardens on your lungs making it difficult for them to expand. The "resin" that you get from smoking marijuana is sticky and does NOT harden on your lungs, and you can expell it. 

4. It has many benefits, even to those who aren't sick (with cancer, diabetes, having brain aneurysms etc). 

5. MILLIONS of jobs would be created if it were legalized. MILLIONS of opportunities. And MILLIONS of dollars would be saved in return. 

I want you to think of all the money and energy we are wasting fighting a "war" on a drug that shouldn't even be in the war to begin with. We need to focus on bettering our state and making the same leap other states are making! 

Marijauna is NOT a gateway drug. It is only a gateway to happiness, relaxation, and health. I don't know a single person who went from marijuana to meth, it is SOLELY based on the persons ability to have self control. Please sign and share to kick start this legalization process!  

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