Petitioning Governor Andrew Cuomo and 2 others

It's time to Reclaim Niagara! Join us as we fight for our Fair Share!


Reclaim Niagara is a growing movement of citizens dedicated to exposing the injustices faced by Niagara Falls due to the exploitation of our resources by public authorities and state entities.

For decades this city has suffered from abject poverty. Our roads, parks, neighborhoods, business districts and infrastructure continue to decline at an alarming rate yet the public authorities and state entities we host reap incredible profits at our expense.

Our mission is to hold these entities accountable and open dialogue about how the generations of injustices can be corrected to help make our City viable and sustainable for the future.

Please join us in the effort to Reclaim Niagara for the residents, families and businesses that make up the tapestry of this great city.

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