Higher wages for Early childhood educators In New York

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Early childhood educators are shaping our future one child at a time. It is a very involved career that requires proper education and training as well as the patience and drive to teach young children. This career also has a terrible turnover rate because of its low wages. It is often a temporary job for many untill they find a better paying job. These children deserve the best care and education even at their early age and proper compensation would provide the initiative for teachers to stay in this field and put in their all. Many inner city children or children in foster care have been proven to benefit from their preschool experience and this sets them up to succeed in kindergarten and beyond. We are not babysitters. We are teachers who are shaping your children into the future lawyers,doctors and government officials that they will become. We should be paid a wage that reflects that. Instead we make less that cashiers and fast food workers. The care and education of our children should be top priority and one way to ensure they are receiving the best care is to provide proper compensation for all early childhood educators. Our government needs to stand up for its educators. They pushed for higher wages for uneducated fast food workers well now it's time to push for higher wages for our educators with degrees who are going to prepare your children for their future. Children do not learn colors and numbers in kindergarten anymore. There is so much they are expected to have already mastered by the time they enter grade school. We are teaching them these things as well as how to socialize and be independent. We are preparing your children so it Is time to start paying us a wage that we deserve.