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Help Me Get Into SUNY New Paltz

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I am hoping this reaches the Governor Andrew Cuomo. My name is Kai - Jere Ross I am a senior at Broome Street Academy Charter High School. Recently after over a month of communicating with Ms.Lindsey Clark I was declined admittance into SUNY New Paltz. I was told it was due to my grades and my SAT scores which I suppose I understand, I received a 88/89 G.P.A and a score of 1030 on the SAT. I pleaded with Ms. Clark to assist me in other options and ways to attend New Paltz. Despite that I do feel my grades were judged too quickly. 

I am sending this email today June 7th, 2017 to discuss why I believe I still do qualify for a position at SUNY New Paltz and to ask you to help me get SUNY New Paltz to reconsider their choice in declining me. My grades though maybe not up to the classical New Paltz standards, are not all I am. For four hard years I tried harder then any other person in my grade to be the best at what I do. I was always told I went above and beyond with my school work, and I did so just to earn the grades that it was easy for my competitors to earn. I am not the smartest person in a room, but I am the most hardworking. I know my math grades are exponentially low, but that is something I have always struggled in. I've taken tutoring, extra help, did more work then my classmates,and studied nights on end just to be sure I would pass. I am not a quitter. I have worked so very hard to be the woman I am today and get the grades I get. I know that if they were to reconsider or you were to discuss it with them I would excel in New Paltz because I would try and never stop. Several of my teachers have also written emails describing why they think I'd make a good fit at New Paltz and why they think I deserve a chance to prove myself.

         You see  life hasn't always been easy for me as I am sure it hasn't been for anyone but when I was the mere age of 7 my mother was plagued by Scleroderma. Scleroderma is a long term autoimmune disease that results in hardening of the skin, and it made it difficult for my mom to do many things. My mother has always wanted the best for me and she as well as myself know what is best for me and we agree that that is SUNY New Paltz. My mother raised a determined young woman, who has also done multiple community projects. Just recently I fed the homeless for my senior project, I have also worked with The Samaritans of New York in assisting the suicidal. I have what I think would be great character. I would be apart of clubs, and extra curricular activities. I would not just attend New Paltz and disappear I would dedicate my time and services to the wonderful opportunity I'd be provided with. I think as someone who struggled and overcome I would bring a lot to New Paltz would work full time for free  while managing to maintain an A average. I would be willing to bring anything into this community just to be apart of it.

                   I also would not be able to attend college this year if not accepted into the SUNY class of 2021 because i am running out of time and options, all I am asking for is a little bit of hope. To grant me admissions into SUNY New Paltz would be a game changer for my life and would give me the opportunity to change someone else's. I plan to major in psychology and sociology, the programs of both which caught my eye at New Paltz. I think I would be a great fit for the school and it's positive environment. SUNY New Paltz was the first and only school that caught my eye and after meeting some of the other people who plan on attending i knew it was for me. After having been outcast-ed most of my high school experience when I met and was able to interact with the kids attending New Paltz I knew it was where I belonged.

                New Paltz to me isn't just a school, but a new beginning for me. A fresh and beautiful start I have been waiting to grasp at my entire life. Please give me a chance, even if only conditional. I will maintain an A G.P.A and be on all the varsity teams, theater groups, and school paper. I will bring all I have to New Paltz. If only given the opportunity. I was hoping you could help me Govenor, and offer me admission or talk to New Paltz about reconsidering their decision. 


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