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Harsher Punishment In NY For Criminals With Sexually Based Offenses!

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My name is Amanda Coryea. As a mother, a woman and a victim of child sexual assault, I am disgusted with our legal system. I have witnessed many families effected by sexual abuse in our area and it pains me each time. I recently had to deal with the release of a man who sexually abused a 2 year old girl being released. She is a member of my family alothough due to her privacy I won’t say what the relationship is. The man who sexually abused her had been in prison for the same offense prior. He’s had multiple victims. Yet he only got a sentence of three years in the New York State prison system. I attended his sentencing hearing where the judge himself was discouraged with the inability to sentence him for much longer than the three years the law allowed him to. 

The rates of sexual abuse in this state are beyond disgusting. Without harsher punishments and having to face actual responsibility, offenders often repeat their offenses. Never having to fear consequences that seem to last past a few years. Although there is a sex offender registry in place, it still does not deter many of the offenders in this state. 

I believe we need harsher punishements in this state. Ones specifically for the different types of sexual offenders. Men and women who target young children should not have their freedom so easily. Nobody who harms another in a sexual nature should. As their are different levels of sex offenders, there are different types of sexual offenders. Having set laws in place that only allow such lax maximum sentences is putting the public at risk. Many states have minimum sentences of 25 years for those who sexually abuse a child. Many also have maximum life sentences. For New York State to allow men who commit multiple offenses to walk free after three years is appalling. The man who abused me when I was a child had done the same to 7 other children. His two year sentence didn’t stop him for doing the same to me. Rehabilitation of a child sexual offender is impossible. (This is my opinion and not factual.) 

It is my hope to have New York State residence feel more safe and secure. To have our children protected better for individuals who have already offended. 

Please join me in speaking up to our state government officials. All it takes is a few loud voices to make them hear us! 

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