Grant Nicholas Astor the accommodations he needs to attend college

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Nicholas Astor is a 19-year-old with cerebral palsy who requires the help of a live-in aide to get out of bed, dress, bathe, go to the bathroom and to feed himself. He was accepted for admission to SUNY Purchase for the Fall semester, but the school refuses to grant his a aide a separate room, claiming this is not a reasonable accommodation. We are perplexed that any reasonable person cannot see that requiring a live-in aide to share the same room with my son 24/7 is unhealthy, unsafe as well as a likely violation of basic human rights and labor statutes.

Please help us to make Purchase see reason and allow Nick to attend college with his peers in the fall. Time is running out. For more background you can check out the following links: or/a-very-sad-day-28c9850c183c or/accessdenied-b9ba08309f6 or/did-rosa-parks-ever-make- it-to-work-2ee2e031f630