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Governor Cuomo: fix the NYC subways, or we won't vote for you for president.

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We've been late for or even missed work entirely; we've missed appointments, shows, dinners, time with friends and family; we've spent money we don't have on cabs and car services; we've spent more time underground in stalled trains than the actual normal length of our commute.

And you, Andrew Cuomo, don't seem to care.

You equivocate when asked if you control the MTA. You ignore the daily train closures, service changes, and nightmare commute stories. You won't identify the problems the MTA faces, and as such you can't and won't identify any real solutions. You take full and obnoxious credit for things New York doesn't need, like the three new stations masquerading as a "Second Avenue Subway," while ignoring the day-to-day repairs the system needs to actually function. You try to pawn the issue off on people or institutions who aren't you. In short, you have made it clear that the MTA is a problem you do not wish to own.

We New Yorkers aren't idiots. We understand that you're gearing up for a presidential run in 2020. It's clear from your public statements, your tweets, even your policy positions. And obviously, the disaster that is the New York City subway is not a topic you want brought up during your presidential run. You don't want to be known as the governor who couldn't even make the trains run on time.

By signing this petition, we are pledging to NOT support you in your presidential run, in any form. If we are Republicans, that's easy. If we are Democrats or independents, though, we will look to the other candidates in the field and pick the one we like who is not you. We will do this even if we admire your stance on other issues, because we believe that the way you have conducted yourself on this pressing New York issue is shameful.

It won't look great when the Democratic governor of New York can't even win New York State in the Democratic primary. But that's what's going to happen, if you don't take some serious and real measures to fix the NYC subways, NOW.

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