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Get Cuomo to change Columbus Day to Indigenous People Day for NY State

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 In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue... and promptly destroyed the cultures of a people that had been there for thousands of years prior to his arrival. Contrary to popular belief, Columbus was not an honorable hero who brought civilization to the barbarians of a new land. He brought death and torture to those people for no reason except that he didn't understand, or bother to understand their culture. Columbus day celebrates not the discovery of our continent, but rather the white bigotry and the demise of indigenous cultures. This day stands for some of our worst points in history and we need to change the second Monday of October to a more positive day. Because Columbus ignored the cultures of the people living in the Americas upon his arrival, we need to change this day to Indigenous People Day so that we can learn about cultures that are so apart from ours, and gain a better understanding of the world. I have been a resident of New York since birth and I believe that our state needs to adapt to the modern times and make this significant change. We need to join Burbank, Berkeley, San Fernando and Los Angeles in overturning this day of hatred and replace it with a day of understanding.

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