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Freedom of Expression in Schools

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We, the students of CW Baker High School, residing in Baldwinsville, NY, strive to uphold our constitutional liberties and rights by fighting against the limits in expression of students in our school. School is a place to educate and expand the mind, with the hope that we are able to express ourselves in any way we choose fit.

We believe students should be encouraged to wear clothing they feel that best expresses them, but to also dress appropriately for weather conditions.

Hats should be allowed because they are a form of self expression. For those who believe hats would be a distraction, there are many other ways students can be distracted that aren’t considered a problem, i.e. neon shirts, police sirens outside.

Spaghetti straps are allowed to be worn as long as they are appropriate for the type of weather permitted. By taking away these rights to choose, we are instilling fear into the minds of young women by telling them they can't wear a certain article of clothing because of the fear of being degrading or sexualized by men. I mean, in reality, who has ever been distracted by a pair of shoulders?  

Our hope is to change the mind of administration all across New York, or at least make our voices heard. 




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