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I would like to propose that New York State pass the SHARED PARENTING BILL, which allows for shared parenting and equality in determining custody for family court and Supreme Court judges. This is clearly in the best interest of the children in NYS. Shared parenting which is already a law in 45 other states, this will enable judges to choose equality for both parents without having to worry about their decisions being over turned on appeal. If any parent is unfit or unwilling, the judge can decide on sole custody. The final say on custody, of course, rest with the judges, but the law should be worded in such way that judges are free to make this choice for equality. Why should a parent be shut out because of a divorce action or because a marriage never took place, or because of old custody agreements over that over a certain time don’t have a time conciliation limit. Let parents be parents, regardless of material status. Please do everything within your power to pass this bill into law. The children of New York State have waited long enough. We want a bill that gives fathers the right to be in there child’s life without interference from the child’s mother or the court system. When two parents do not end up together it is unfair that one parent should receive less time with the child. If both parents are willing to love and support this child then joint custody should be mandatory. The parents should split the time up equally or close to equal as possible. In no way should a mother or the courts get to tell a father when and where they can come see a child or children who share their DNA and should have human rights to their child. The court system in place today leaves all the decision to be made by the mother and rarely gives the fathers any say so.  As a father with joint custody of a ten year old i am disgusted on how fathers are treated in family court. Fathers are only good for child support and minimal visitation in the courts eyes. It is unfair and time for fathers to get their rights back.I have witnessed this first hand and the only one suffering is my daughter. All men with children need to stand up and  together we can get our voices heard. Fathers rights matter and children deserve a father not a visitor.

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