Demand property tax refunds for Sandy damaged homes in Nassau County.

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In 2014 Nassau County sent property tax refunds to some Superstorm Sandy affected residents that applied for the refund under the “Superstorm Sandy Assessment Relief Act”, signed into law October 22nd 2013 in New York State.  

In the words of Nassau County Supervisor Ed Mangano, “Nassau County, using this law will adjust, retroactively, any property tax assessment to account for losses in value due to Superstorm Sandy”.  What he didn’t say was that not every affected resident would be getting a check.

Many Nassau County residents did not know about this program and were left out. The County Assessor’s office say they mailed notices to all eligible residents yet hundreds, possibly thousands of people did not know about this program and therefore did not get a refund check. Beyond the first and only mailed notice, the Nassau County Assessor’s office made no attempt to follow up or communicate with residents that did not respond to the initial mailing. Furthermore, the law set a 90 day deadline for all affected and eligible residents to apply. By comparison, FEMA and New York Rising had Sandy related application deadlines that lasted years, not days.

This isn't right or at all fair.  Every Nassau County resident whose property taxes were impacted by Sandy should get that relief regardless of some arbitrary deadline that many people didn't know about and some application some people may have inadvertently tossed out thinking it was junk mail.

This money was allocated by NY State to Nassau County to provide tax relief to Sandy affected residents. It was a big hoopla when they had a press conference and announced it with Ed Mangano, Kate Murray and John Venditto. Yet they sent only one letter via snail mail to residents, making no other attempt to reach out to people that didn't respond to the letter.

I have made repeated attempts to get Comptroller Maragos and Supervisor Ed Mangano’s offices to look into this. I have also spoken to Legislators Laura Curran, Steve Rhoads, Assembly Member Brian Curran, Governor Cuomo’s office, State Senator Michael Venditto’s office all to no avail. I have been told repeatedly that "the program" is over. As if this was a grant application. It was not a grant it was a refund due to all Nassau residents that were impacted by Sandy. Money we are still owed.

The point is that if funds were allocated by the state of NY to the County of Nassau to pay tax refunds to Sandy affected residents than its unfair to cut off any number of people from this program just because they didn't know about it.

The IRS and State of NY allow amended taxes be filed. So why can't the County of Nassau and the State of New York take another look into the cases of Sandy affected residents that didn't get a refund in December 2014? The Nassau County Comptroller’s office mailed out checks to those that had applied for relief however neither Nassau County nor New York State will extend assistance to those of us that didn’t get the memo when this program was offered.  

Our homes were damaged, we were over-assessed after Sandy yet we didn’t get the refund others got although we are fully entitled to it. Sign this petition and demand that New York State and Nassau County make all Sandy impacted residents whole again. If you are one of the affected residents that didn’t get a check tell them about it in your comments. I also invite everyone to contact the offices of those that can fix this injustice. Complain, be loud and let them know.

Nassau County Comptroller Maragos. 516-571-2386

Nassau County Supervisor Ed Mangano. 516-MANGANO

Governor Andrew Cuomo. 518-474-8390

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